A Birthday with FairCoin

Those of us who really believe in FairCoop sometimes get the impression that we look like preachers. We can become monothematic speakers continually talking to others about our alternative ideas and practices. A member of the future node of Écija (Spain) happens to be a FairCoop person just like that, and here we describe his clever approach to getting more people to use FairCoin. He heard about the possibility of exchanging euros for tickets in a talk at the node of Albacete (Spain) and began to think about it with a friend. The results are described below.

The celebration of his son's birthday was coming. So he did what he would have done for any conventional birthday, the faircooper bought a nice meal for all of his guests and spent the money he would normally have spent.... Well, this time, he did a little more. But only a little, and the result was worth it.

The celebration took place in an indoor establishment managed by himself and some friends, La Granja, whose bar accepts the payment of drinks in FAIR. They decided to take the opportunity to present FairCoin to the guests in the best possible way: through practice. So this committed dad bought some FairCoin at a low price on the free market (thus introducing them into the community) and decided to distribute them among the guests so that they could each buy their meal with FAIR.

There was food and drink for 40 adults and 20 children. Everything was priced. A wallet was opened for each guest and the host gave them enough FAIR so that each one could buy the corresponding portion: a hamburger and 3 beers per adult, a hot dog and 2 soft drinks per child, and a piece of cake per head. 

Despite some apparent problem with iPhones, every couple had a member with a Smartphone, so things went smoothly. Everyone learned to handle the wallet without any problems, paying through the QR that was written on a poster on one of the walls.

There were some who spent everything, and some who had some FAIR left over. It was made explicit at the beginning that these FAIR could not be exchanged for euros. This made one of the attendees, a hairdresser who accepted FAIR, also get some new appointments for a haircut with the remaining FairCoin.

The rest remained in La Granja, as resources that they can now use to do other things in future, like pay a band to perform there, or maybe to buy some beers for their bar, since they are in contact with a local beer producer (Makako beer).

What do you think of this idea?

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