Why FairCoop (and Integral Cooperatives)?

2018/04/29 - 12:00am

Author: Toni Yagüe

Those of us who are part, in one way or another, of the Integral Cooperative movement, of which FairCoop is a global version designed to complement the local implementations, believe that entering into dialogue with those who hold the political and economic power of an exploitative, unjust, patriarchal, and ecocidal system has been demonstrated to be an absolutely useless way to put an end to the unequal and oppressive situations in which we live.

Our first app for transport sharing is ready. The Common Routes App is available now!

2018/04/21 - 12:00am

An initial idea about how to organize the transport issue inside the FairCoop ecosystem - to meet needs that might arise in differrent moments and places, and to try to be consistent with the ecological principles that we support, led to the emergence of a working group called, Carsharing, FairCarsharing is something that is not defined within the terminology of the FairCoop community yet, but the new Common Routes App could be a first step towards the shared use of our vehicles for different personal and collective needs.


Let's make it grow!

2018/04/14 - 12:00am

If you share the ideas we stand for, don't hesitate to join this great cooperative project. We want to be able to move around the planet within the FairCoop ecosystem -with no borders. Wouldn't it be great? ;)

But it's so complicated!

2018/04/07 - 12:00am

Author: Guy James

A comment we are used to hearing here at FairCoop is: "but all this is so complicated! I can't get my head 'round it". This is often just before they give up entirely on the project.

Circular use of FairCoin

2018/03/30 - 2:06pm

We want to familiarize you with the basic uses of FairCoin when offering goods or services as a merchant or service provider. Using FairCoin is not complicated, and in this overview we will cover the essential functions of coin storage, methods of payment and frequently asked questions. 

Bittrex de-lists FairCoin. Centralized power structures cannot control a decentralized currency backed by a grassroots movement

2018/03/24 - 3:00pm

If you have visited the Bittrex crypto-currency exchange page you may have seen the message: "The BTC-FAIR market will be removed on March 30, 2018",  and we'd like to clarify the situation.

Experiences from the previous campaign to donate 1,000 FairCoin

2018/03/16 - 12:00am

Here we will look deeper into the experiences of those who received 1,000 FairCoin in the first part of the FairCoop Donation Campaign, in order to better contextualize the quantitative info detailed in our previous post and to end the promotional part of this phase of the campaign. You can be inspired by the good ideas and energy shown by some groups, by seeing how FairCoop's donations helped them. We also want to learn from past experiences to strengthen our relations with the non-profit groups with which we collaborate.

The new 200 FairCoin donation campaign for non-profits has started. Apply now!

2018/03/15 - 12:00am

FairCoop will continue with its support for non-profit collectives aligned with our values, donating 200 FairCoin each to the next 190 appplicants from a special fund containing 38,000 FairCoin. The new campaign is a continuation of the previous one (, adapted to FairCoin's new value at the moment.

Call to the FairCoop Ecosystem for the 2nd International Women's Strike of 8 March 2018

2018/03/08 - 12:00am

Today, 8th of March, is the Feminist Strike, a worldwide event to give visibility to the situation of women and to support them. We think that the FairCoop ecosystem as a whole should join the strike because...

(FairCoop Feminist Group)

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