Our own story

2017/12/08 - 11:59am

The embodiment of the first integral cooperative was in Catalonia (CIC) back in 2010, when we were just a little group of activists, but firmly convinced of being absolutely capable of self-organizing our entire life,  just by cooperating as peers in a direct, no

1:1 FairCoop rising

2017/12/07 - 11:24am

The Post-capitalist movement known as FairCoop steadily grows stronger, worldwide, in an integrated way.

FairCoin in historical perspective

2017/12/06 - 12:00am

One of the most common objections to FairCoin, which will inevitably be heard, is that radicals should not be involved with money in any way.

Theoretical considerations on the development of FairCoin

2017/12/05 - 12:00am

The advent of the arrival of FairCoin to an equal price with the Euro, is an important milestone and worth considering in several aspects. 

FairCoin Hackathon

2017/11/02 - 2:31pm

We had a FairCoin Hackathon around the Linuxday in Dornbirn, Austria.

Date: 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2017

Open Coop Work. The new way of organizing inside FairCoop

2017/09/19 - 8:18pm

FairCoop is experimenting with a new form of organization that emerged from reflections and ideas of the recent Summer Camp. The rapid growth of the ecosystem meant that we had to rethink our way of organizing.

Bank of the Commons, the new banking era

2017/09/11 - 7:36pm

FairCoop is one of the co-founders of Bank of the Commons (BotC), a revolutionary open cooperative initiative whose aim is to bring some fresh air into the dark world of banking and finances and to offer support to cooperative projects and social currencies all over the world, both at a global an

The Summer Camps experience

2017/09/08 - 8:03pm

FairCoop is beginning to consolidate its new form of organization. Finally, thanks to the work of the last Summer Camps (in Décentrale, Mont Soleil, Switzerland, with the help of Synergiehub and SCI Schweiz), a new operating scheme has emerged, which we will detail in our next post.

Summercamp in Switzerland

2017/08/27 - 6:57am

About 40 people from the and FairCoin communities meet in the Jura Alps at a Summercamp (link is external) to review and plan the next steps for developing an ethical economic ecos

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