Call to the FairCoop Ecosystem for the 2nd International Women's Strike of 8 March 2018

Dear participants in the FairCoop ecosystem:


Today, 8th of March, is the Feminist Strike, a worldwide event to give visibility to the situation of women and to support them. We think that the FairCoop ecosystem as a whole should join the strike because:

  • We say we are feminists: "some of its (FairCoop's) most important principles would include integral revolution, ecology, feminism, the p2p model of social organization, hacker ethics or degrowth". 
  • We want to highlight the situation in which women around the world find themselves under the current sytem of neoliberal patriarchy; a system we fight every day.  
  • We  want to put an end to a system which is repressive and patriarchal by nature: capitalism. This system has been built via the exploitation of the labour of many people, but especially women, and continues to exploit them. We don't want to be a part of it, and that's why we strike. 


The strike is about consumption, caring, labour, and education, so:

- Consume: don't buy anything on March, 8th, not even fair trade products. NOTHING, whether you are a man or a woman, or however you self-identify. 

- Care:  don't look after anybody, don't cook, don't tidy up, don't clean, don't do any housework if you are a woman. If you are a man, you can do all that and much more ...and the rest of the year as well ;).

- Labour: Don't work. If your work is paid, don't do it. If your work is unpaid, because it's at home and you're a woman, don't do it. If you work unpaid, in social movements, you are an activist, and you want to change the system, then TODAY IS THE DAY TO STOP. The revolution will be feminist or it won't be a revolution! SUPPORT THE WOMEN'S STRIKE!

- Study: If you are a student, male or female, don't go in today, don't do any work. 


We want FairCoop community TO STOP everything on March, 8th: Telegram, tasks, assemblies, everything - because we are feminists, we are consistent with our principles and we fight capitalism and the patriarchy.


We want to do this while carrying our Kurdish companions and sisters in our hearts. True standard-bearers of the transition to a more just world, they will march on Afrin to shout a cry of sisterhood from this unjustly besieged people. 




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