Conclusions of our first event at our new online school

Throughout the two opening sessions that took place at the online FairCoop School on September 17, people from different cultures and countries, and also with different levels of experience within the FairCoop ecosystem, shared their stories. The variety of attendees, and also the possibility to talk to each other and see each other's faces, made this event really worthwhile.

We were able to hear different points of view on issues that affect all of us. Members from local nodes, from various different places, responded to questions about their experiences of creating a local node in their area and what they thought needed to be improved in FairCoop.

One of the conclusions that we can extract from what was said is that we really must be aware of the magnitude of the project we are working on. Creating an alternative, self-managed socioeconomic space of international scope is something that has never been attempted before. Probably the main beauty, but also the main difficulty, lies in the fact that it is such an ambitious project. And here we must put the spotlight on the creation of a complete ecosystem, where we can really find a space of freedom and cooperation. In everything we do, we must not forget that it is part of a larger whole and that each action affects everything else, as in any other ecosystem.

Within this great challenge, it is necessary to consider the different social, political, economic and cultural situations of the places in which we are trying to implement FairCoop. We are in regions with high and comfortable standards of living. But also other regions, where many people don't have access to the Internet or even to a Smartphone. And we can also find others that are in diverse middle stages. Thus, the variables to be considered and conjugated are many, and the puzzle is very complicated to solve, but also very exciting :).

And, within these different situations, it is also necessary to consider the inequalities that occur within one country or region and which must be addressed too, if we want to ensure that everyone within FairCoop can meet their basic needs in a fair manner. We're all full of energy and, eventually, we'll find the way.

For all of this to succeed,  good strategies are undoubtedly needed. But the bottom line, as was also evident throughout the GCAS sessions, is that we all have to start with personal change. The ability to imagine a different world depends, in the first place, on us being able to get rid of all the educational burdens that we have been carrying which are totally opposed to the self-management of our lives. That is not an easy task either. But FairCoop is, in the end, a great school for all its participants, a place where, through love, empathy, cooperation and mutual aid, we are moving towards the achievement of these common goals.

Congratulations FairCoop! We wish you good health forever :)

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