Here comes the 2nd FairCoop Iberian Local Nodes Meeting!

We, at FairCoop, know that social transformation projects at a local level, without connections with similar projects in other regions, are only drops of water that might resist the mainstream for a limited period of time. These projects may even expand the horizon of a dying humanity for a moment in some areas of the capitalistic ocean, but sooner or later they will end up sinking within it. Cooperation is an indispensable weapon to create alternatives to capitalism, whose multiple centres of power are very interconnected and act in a coordinated way when needed, because they essentially share the same objectives around extracting profit on the basis of self-interest.

For that reason, we think that the different local nodes that compose our ecosystem must meet, coordinate and cooperate, in order to scale their potential to a higher level, by means of the fractal reproduction of their structures. Not forgetting that their leit motiv is to encourage the emergence and consolidation of local initiatives that shape the practices of a fair economy. So, in the future, we are going to meet and share again and again.



Between Thursday the 8th and Monday the 12th of November (Saturday and Sunday morning will be the core days), in the Ecocamp Vinyols camp (Vinyols i els Arcs, Baix Camp, Tarragona), the 2nd Iberian Local Nodes Meeting will take place. At the first gathering last June, more than 30 activists attended in Valdelinares (Teruel), the highest urban core in the Iberian peninsula -symbolizing the height and scale of our purposes and collective ambitions. In addition to the pleasure of participating and the enjoyment of a great atmosphere, a general feeling lingered: there was a need to deepen our cooperation and try to consolidate all common projects that came out of this first meet-up, using the Iberian Routes as a flag.

The activities scheduled for our encounter are many and varied. We will talk about FairCoop in terms of internal issues, such as the organizational model, economic aspects and the tools used in our ecosystem. Of course, we will have assemblies. We will visit like-minded productive projects in the area, and others will come to present their products and share their experiences. Furthermore, we will welcome members of other projects we would like to establish collaboration agreements with, such as Som Mobilitat. A marketplace will provide opportunities to exchange and buy products with FairCoin. And, as you could expect, there will be time and space for recreation, especially on Saturday the 10th, when there will be a parallel open day with leisure activities for people not registered at the meeting. This will include: musical and circus performances, a playground for every age... and for sure other activities that will emerge spontaneously!



An additional attraction of the meeting is the place where it will be held, at the EcoCampVinyols which is a space that gives huge respect to the natural environment and offers different options for accommodation (wooden bungalows, pre-installed tents, and pitches for your own tent, van, or caravan), and - this is the best part - all of them payable in social currency and FairCoin!! At the restaurant you can also pay in social currency for your meal which will include products supplied mainly by our Faircoop producers and some others in the area. All products will be seasonal and have been produced in the surroundings in an ecological way. What a luxury!

Vinyols i els Arcs is located in the area of influence of the XarxaECO de Tarragona, one of the most long-lived ecoxarxa - and probably the most powerful - of the Iberian region, which is itself a global center for using social currencies and cooperative projects to set up alternative consumption and production processes. These fantastic initiatives are possible thanks to the decade long work of a gang of activists, led by Roger and Jordi, who are also members of the FairCoop subnode of Tarragona, which is hosting the meeting.



If after all, we have told you, you are having an irresistible desire to be part of this fantastic project, or would just like to get to know it close up, don’t panic, it’s fine! Even if you are not part of any Iberian Local Node, take a look at this informational and organizational pad (in Spanish and constantly updating), where you can find along with further information, the spreadsheet link for registration. You can ask what vacancies are available and any other question in the Iberian Local Nodes Telegram group. Participation in every activity is free, and accommodation and food are extremely affordable.

For the reasons mentioned above, some  FairCoop participants from Italy have joined our meeting, and there will be a Second Italian Local Nodes Encounter taking place shortly after, from November the 30th to December the 2nd. This will be in different parts of the city of Naples and will give a further opportunity for people from different nodes to meet face2face with the aim of collectively thinking through and discussing different issues, including strategies to satisfy the need for liquidity in a decentralized way, and further plans for action to spread Faircoop nationwide and consequently strengthen the circular economy in the Italian territories.

Come and join us, don't miss it!!

It's gonna be something memorable and you cannot claim that you haven't heard about it in advance!

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