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When we saw the call made by our Greek friends on Indymedia Athens and relayed by many other organizations, websites, and blogs from around the world, we could only welcome and share this call.

Increasingly activists believe that local actions are no longer enough, that now (unlike before) capitalism poses two new problems, that of new technologies which have become a means for greater control and repression, and the fact that the destruction of the earth has already reached a point of no return. If we want to act, we must not wait for any miracle solution to fall from the sky, we must act together and act now. And to do this, Indymedia Athens propose a day of action once a month, every 10th of the month from December 10, 2018. This day will be "a day of simultaneous action against an ever more brutal capitalism and against authoritarian society. One day a month to remind everyone that this struggle is global. One day a month to generate real urgency, to mobilize everywhere, and to work to put an end to power and exploitation. One day a month to generate and display alternatives to capitalist ecological destruction, to regain confidence in ourselves, to become more numerous, and to prepare together for the end of authoritarian society and capitalism".

FairCoop wishes, of course, to show its support for the initiative since one of the principles of FairCoop is integral revolution. That is, we want a profound and clear transformation of society, including its values and structure, a self-managed society based on autonomy and the abolition of all forms of domination: The state, capitalism, the homeland, and everything else that detracts from human relationships and destroys the environment. FairCoop, unlike capitalism, wants to develop and use new technologies to create well-being in society. In doing this, we follow the Hacker ethic. We are also committed to ecology in every sense of the word, combining circular economy, degrowth, resource sharing, and so on.

On the 10th of December, like every 10th in the following months, we will launch a series of different actions. The first action envisaged is the Day without fiat currency. This day consists of not using fiat currency and using, for example, FairCoin as a means of payment or by privileging barter. 

FairCoin can be used here or here. For online purchases, you can order via FairMarket and via Bazar.

This non-cash day also includes a collective symbolic action to build a unique FairCoin chain of trust across borders and regions, which will show our solidarity, and our ability to build human relationships around alternative fair exchanges, which have no need for banks or States. FairCoin can be purchased here. Practical information on this solidarity chain will be included here.

We also call all FairCoop local nodes as well as partner organizations, friends, and individual participants to take solidarity actions every 10th of the month to show our determination to profoundly change the world today. To show that the 99% can ally against the 1% who oppress us and divide us to better exploit us.

As Yannis, the maker of the film about the crisis in Greece Love and revolution says: "If everywhere in the world, other voices answer us, always more numerous and determined, who knows how far it will go? "


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