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FairCoop is a decentralized international ecosystem based on a real economy, without which it makes no sense at all. For this reason,  the existence of the local nodes -from where the circular economy which makes us increasingly independent of the dominant imposed system is managed and promoted- is essential. Since FairCoop was launched in 2014, there are now 51 local nodes around the world, as can be seen on the following map.

This means that FairCoin is already interacting with a large number of fiat currencies to help in our transition to self-sufficiency. In time, we will not only be able to buy local products in the area where we usually live, but we will also be able to travel around the world buying local and organic products in each country we visit without having to know their producers beforehand, because all the shops listed in our Use-FairCoin directory have the guarantee that they agree with the principles defended by FairCoop. And we cannot forget either the new shared transport options that we are developing, as well as our wish that soon we will also count on FairCoin paid accommodation wherever we want to move.

You can see the evolution of the Use-FairCoin directory in the last years below.

In addition to Use-FairCoin, which, like local currencies, helps us to build community and promote the local economy, FairMarket allows us to go further, providing us with products that, being or not local, can also be useful to us or that we can buy in order to make a contribution towards improving the economy of other less favoured places - of course always taking care to respect, as far as possible, ecological factors. There are many aspects to consider, as any would-be 'eco-shopper' knows, and we mustn't forget that we are in a process of transition and experimentation. We all learn from each other by trial and error and have to let ourselves be guided by our best intentions. 

If we drink coffee and the coffee we consume is imported from another country, it's probably better to buy it through a collective purchase from a responsible consumer cooperative in one of the producing countries, right? Collective purchases can be organized from local nodes, or any local shop can also choose to have them as providers. In this way, we are helping to redistribute wealth. Another option, of course, is not to drink coffee and substitute a similar locally-produced item for it.

Here we can see the evolution of the FairMarket, which shows that we are growing based on a real economy that will make it gradually easier to meet our daily consumption needs.

Energy, health and education are also aspects that we want to address in a comprehensive way, but their development, as you can imagine, is not a simple task. In addition to the fact that we are many people, we have very different cultural and geographical realities. The diversity of backgrounds and cultures makes this project appear very complicated but, at the same time, it is really beautiful to be involved with it -after all, we share a unifying goal to do the best for the common good. 

We don't know what will happen in a few years. Maybe we will have grown a lot by then and some vested interests will feel threatened by our project. But perhaps by then there will be so many of us in so many places that we will be difficult to stop. We are many people, we are in many places, and the project does not depend on one person alone. We are decentralized, like cryptocurrencies, so who is going to be able to stop us, and how?

In this way, the more we are, the stronger we become. If it's fear that keeps you from moving, shake it off, because if you think about it, the world of 'Mordor' that we live in right now is in fact quite scary... scratch the surface of 'default reality' and you will probably not like what you see. We can get out of our comfort zone, we just need to make a bit of effort. And we can assure you that you will find it much more fun here!

If you share the ideas we stand for, don't hesitate to join this great cooperative project. We want to be able to move around the planet within the FairCoop ecosystem -with no borders. Wouldn't it be great? ;)

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