Naples, 30 November - 2 December

Meetups, practices, and alliances


SummerCamp in Serbia was a significant time to meet up with other participants and, as well as giving us an opportunity to learn more about the ecosystem, it also meant that we could participate in various workshops and debates especially those dedicated to giving support to the development of local node activities. At SummerCamp there were many important discussions about new steps we can take to strengthen the network in different territories and about how we might support the whole ecosystem from an increasingly decentralized perspective.

The Second Italian Local Nodes Meeting will be an important opportunity to devise strategies to create new circular economy processes: needs, self-production, self-managed technology, liquidity, coins, and movement between nodes, will be some of the keywords. By virtue of the internationalism of the movement we would like local meetups to become more and more global; to leave the computer screen and give substance and voice to faces, passions, and desires.


Therefore, the present call is also an invitation to the international ecosystem's community!

We will gather at the Asilo Filangieri, a Naples urban commons which is a vibrant workshop for artistic and community projects, a permanent laboratory of self-government practices and space where our Local Node is located. During the days when  our meetings will be held, Naples will act as a crossroads of fermentation with different movements and actors that we thought it was crucial to crossover with:

Starting from the national encounter that will give rise to the constituent assembly of Orgia, a movement that represents a network of places, people and projects experimenting with radical new practices in political, cultural, artistic, social, and technological fields, which aim to multiply and nurture a non-competitive imagination, conflicts and possibilities; and pass through the Nack - a two day event that will call into question, with a hacker's eyes, the different worlds at Mensa Occupata .


All gatherings are open, designed to serve as spaces to allow the circulation of ideas and the setting up of projects and proposals. During the three days, plenary sessions are scheduled between various groups that are attending all of the different events taking place within the city, to generate open discussion regarding all of the issues that are being considered. A first meeting will take place at the Mensa Occupata, while on the final day a collective lunch is scheduled in Santa Fede Liberata space - a place that is also part of the of Neapolitan urban commons network.


Naples Local Node is taking care of all reception facilities and organization, just let us know how many people arrive and when, if you need a sleeping accommodation, any special needs, etc.




It is also possible to contribute to a common fund with Fair or fiat money:









Euro account:

IBAN: ES43 1491 0001 2420 8685 5729


Company token:  5beeb73c59fcc


Here is the complete program:


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