Arbúcies, an evolving experiment in new forms of radicalism for the 21st century

2018/08/21 - 12:00am

Author: Alexander R. Hufford

The endeavour of FairCoop, to enhance the networking of cooperative movements of the solidarity economy across regions and borders, and one of its most well-known tools, the digital currency FairCoin, have both reached a new level of success with the recent acceptance by the municipality of Arbúcies, in Catalonia, of payment in FairCoin for various services. Overall, understanding this development means coming to grips with the profound changes in societal structure and the advent of new technologies in the 21st century, instead of denying them or remaining stuck in ideological abstractions drawn from forever- past models of revolt.

Rojava and FairCoop (1)

2018/07/21 - 9:18pm

Author: Bashur local node

Before moving on to Rojava and FairCoop, we think it is necessary to explain some basics about Democratic Confederalism: a system defended by the thesis of Abdullah Öcalan, which is a hope for the liberation of the peoples in the Middle Eastern region known as Rojava (Western Kurdistan). We would like to make a general assessment in this article, so we will mention the current crisis and some examples of struggle, sacrifice and courage from the last 40 years.

Join our next Summer Camp now

2018/06/15 - 8:55pm

Registration is now open for the next FairCoop Summer Camp, to be held in Serbia from 20 July to 19 August 2018. Over the course of four weeks, FairCoop members will have the opportunity to meet again in person to get to know each other, share experiences and join efforts and ideas to continue to make the ecosystem grow.

Expanding FairCoop in Italy, from the Milan local node and its recent innovations

2018/06/07 - 12:00am

Author: Milan local node

Because every experience is precious and because sharing is one of the things we do best in FairCoop, here is some news from the Milan local node. It explains how they have introduced FairCoin as a bridge between fiat money and the local currency used by the MACAO community.  It's full of useful information for any local node who wants to cooperate with any collective using another social or local currency. Enjoy!

What makes Trade really Fair?

2018/05/07 - 12:00am

On 12th of May we are celebrating the World Fair Trade day, which various organisations and businesses embrace nowadays, opening up an ethical way of trading. What we will try to debate in the rest of the article is if conventional fair trade businesses are really making a difference to people and the planet, noting that there could be various levels of meaning and a wide spectrum of cases involved.

Why FairCoop (and Integral Cooperatives)?

2018/04/29 - 12:00am

Author: Toni Yagüe

Those of us who are part, in one way or another, of the Integral Cooperative movement, of which FairCoop is a global version designed to complement the local implementations, believe that entering into dialogue with those who hold the political and economic power of an exploitative, unjust, patriarchal, and ecocidal system has been demonstrated to be an absolutely useless way to put an end to the unequal and oppressive situations in which we live.

Our first app for transport sharing is ready. The Common Routes App is available now!

2018/04/21 - 12:00am

An initial idea about how to organize the transport issue inside the FairCoop ecosystem - to meet needs that might arise in differrent moments and places, and to try to be consistent with the ecological principles that we support, led to the emergence of a working group called, Carsharing, FairCarsharing is something that is not defined within the terminology of the FairCoop community yet, but the new Common Routes App could be a first step towards the shared use of our vehicles for different personal and collective needs.


Let's make it grow!

2018/04/14 - 12:00am

If you share the ideas we stand for, don't hesitate to join this great cooperative project. We want to be able to move around the planet within the FairCoop ecosystem -with no borders. Wouldn't it be great? ;)

But it's so complicated!

2018/04/07 - 12:00am

Author: Guy James

A comment we are used to hearing here at FairCoop is: "but all this is so complicated! I can't get my head 'round it". This is often just before they give up entirely on the project.

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