FairCoop in South-East Europe (Western Balkans)

Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Region of South-Eastern Europe in the context of FairCoop and the formation of new local nodes.

Jornal Mapa: Now you can buy a newspaper with FairCoin

Interview with Guilherme Luz
In journalism school you are told that whatever is not in the media doesn't exist. And they also teach you that the arrival of the printing press gave the bourgeoisie an important weapon to support its revolutions. Despite the important social role that the media must play, the vast majority of it is currently still in the service of capital, with a vision of the world from their biased perspective. But there are also those who dare to say what others don't. The Portuguese newspaper MAPA is one of them. 

Next Goals

FairCoop, as a complex and pluralistic movement, has achieved more than simply the growth in price of FairCoin. FairCoop continues to connect with real people, in a real economy of sustaining local nodes, which is becoming more and more connected on common grounds, such as the fair trade of goods and services between these nodes. This is the practical and concrete side of our trajectory in the near term future. 

What can we do with our FairCoin?

FairCoin is increasingly making progress, integrating itself into the real economy and creating practical benefits.

The stability of FairCoin

A unique characteristic that makes FairCoin different from all other crypto-coins out there is its stable growth. This is not accidental, but a product of the work of all the communities in the ecosystem, who wish to benefit from blockchain technology, but would like such advances to take place in a manner that fits in with our own ethical values, such as sustainability.

Our own story

The embodiment of the first integral cooperative was in Catalonia (CIC) back in 2010, when we were just a little group of activists, but firmly convinced of being absolutely capable of self-organizing our entire life,  just by cooperating as peers in a direct, non-hierarchical democracy.  This small experiment soon kickstarted a larger movement and inspired thousands of people to believe in the "integral revolution" as the path to co-create the world we dream of.





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