1:1 FairCoop rising

The Post-capitalist movement known as FairCoop steadily grows stronger, worldwide, in an integrated way. Independently from the decisions of centralized institutions, statements of hierarchical organizations, fluctuations of market speculation and mainstream skepticism, we are empowering ourselves in an exponential and radiant way.

FairCoin in historical perspective

One of the most common objections to FairCoin, which will inevitably be heard, is that radicals should not be involved with money in any way.

Theoretical considerations on the development of FairCoin

The advent of the arrival of FairCoin to an equal price with the Euro, is an important milestone and worth considering in several aspects. 

Firstly this makes the coin easier for individuals to trust and inspires more collectives and merchants to begin using it. At the project level, this demonstrates a real success in combining older forms of self-organization, such as cooperatives, with the possibilities offered by new economic fields and advances in technology, rejuvenating radicalism for the 21st century.

FairCoin Hackathon

We had a FairCoin Hackathon around the Linuxday in Dornbirn, Austria.

Date: 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2017

We are in the phase of extending the team actively contributing features, apps and code for FairCoin blockchain based software. The hackathon is a unique opportunity to meet the core developer, make plans and create solutions on site.

The hackathon is coordinated in this pad.

Open Coop Work. The new way of organizing inside FairCoop

FairCoop is experimenting with a new form of organization that emerged from reflections and ideas of the recent Summer Camp. The rapid growth of the ecosystem meant that we had to rethink our way of organizing. More people dedicated to the project were needed, who could find a way both to collaborate and be financially rewarded for the time invested. The alternative seemed unfeasible. So far, there had been just a few people taking on heavy workloads, and many others who wanted to collaborate but didn’t know how to do it, or needed to find a livelihood outside the ecosystem.

Bank of the Commons, the new banking era

FairCoop is one of the co-founders of Bank of the Commons (BotC), a revolutionary open cooperative initiative whose aim is to bring some fresh air into the dark world of banking and finances and to offer support to cooperative projects and social currencies all over the world, both at a global and a local level. BotC brings them the latest technologies in banking and payment systems, inside an environment where they can stay loyal to their values.





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