Cryptocurrencies and legality

2018/02/04 - 12:00am

Author: Alexander R. Hufford

Cryptocurrencies as a broad topic are being discussed more and more these days, and create some interesting points for discussion. A great deal is expressed both for and against, but fundamentally a few themes stand out and are met with great frequency. So this article will attempt a general overview of that knotty theme, of all the various implications of the legality of crypto-currencies, what does it mean or imply, both for governments and for people. First we should begin by discussing crypto-currencies in general, and then later moving on to our specific situation at FairCoin.

Art, Culture and Financial Activism: FairCoop is Introduced to London in Sold Out Event

2018/01/26 - 12:00am

FairCoop was one of the global projects invited to take part in MoneyLab, a network of artists, activists, and geeks experimenting with forms of financial democratization. 

Why don't you use FairCoin yet?

2018/01/19 - 12:00am
Author: Pílikum

People's reservations about using FairCoin are varied. From:"it's money, after all" to "I'm afraid of losing it" or "who's behind it?"

In this post, I will try to throw some light on these doubts and fears, offering an answer for each of the options, ranging from fairly out there to the most conservative.

Real socialism (State mentality) and FairCoop: Some of The Differences

2018/01/12 - 12:00am

Author: Cegerxwîn Kara

During the rise of capitalism and up til now, despite many revolutions and efforts to free itself, society and human beings could not escape from the capitalist trap and its institutions. The experiences of West-European Socialism, Really-existing Socialism, Communism, etc. are some clear historical examples, and we still debate their results. With many formulas and critiques, scientific researches and anarchist movements, still the capitalist system has not been overcome.

FairCoop in South-East Europe (Western Balkans)

2017/12/29 - 12:00am

Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Region of South-Eastern Europe in the context of FairCoop and the formation of new local nodes.

Jornal Mapa: Now you can buy a newspaper with FairCoin

2017/12/24 - 9:19am
Interview with Guilherme Luz
In journalism school you are told that whatever is not in the media doesn't exist. And they also teach you that the arrival of the printing press gave the bourgeoisie an important weapon to support its revolutions. Despite the important social role that the media must play, the vast majority of it is currently still in the service of capital, with a vision of the world from their biased perspective. But there are also those who dare to say what others don't. The Portuguese newspaper MAPA is one of them. 

Next Goals

2017/12/11 - 5:48pm

FairCoop, as a complex and pluralistic movement, has achieved more than simply the growth in price of FairCoin.

What can we do with our FairCoin?

2017/12/10 - 12:45pm

FairCoin is increasingly making progress, integrating itself into the real economy and creating practical benefits.

The stability of FairCoin

2017/12/09 - 1:22pm

A unique characteristic that makes FairCoin different from all other crypto-coins out there is its stable growth. This is not accidental, but a product of the work of all the communities in the ecosystem, who wish to benefit from blockchain technology, but would like such advance

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