Real socialism (State mentality) and FairCoop: Some of The Differences

Author: Cegerxwîn Kara

As part of the FairCoop movement, for us the most important point is to show people that things can really be different than they know them. To some people, it is difficult to understand concrete and comprehensive concepts. So, we can explain to them using examples drawn from daily life. In building a real community, the concepts have to be simplified and formulated. This is the best way to unite with society and struggle against State, its mentality, its organizations and its tools in general.

During the rise of capitalism and up til now, despite many revolutions and efforts to free itself, society and human beings could not escape from the capitalist trap and its institutions. The experiences of West-European Socialism, Really-existing Socialism, Communism, etc. are some clear historical examples, and we still debate their results. With many formulas and critiques, scientific researches and anarchist movements, still the capitalist system has not been overcome.

One of the main problems are the practical realities that the system has built and in which most of the society still believes! For example, the capitalist system with its educational system and institutions has persuaded people that it is an endless and flawless system. But it is very clear that its end is near and its collapse will take place due to new movements under the leadership of broadly anarchist or self-governing principles.

It is well-known that Socialists, Communists and many democrats have struggled against the chaotic system of capitalist modernity. But their efforts did not succeed in the ends that they aimed for. These failures have now become propaganda arguments for capitalism that has declared itself the best of all possible systems.

The biggest reason for these different failures was using system-generated tools and methods. Yet how can you be successful in fighting the system if you use the same tools, methods, and system-generated institutions, while claiming yourself to be fighting against the system and on the side of society?

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that anarchists are the only real challengers who have analyzed the system and fıght it in a radical way. To achieve our task succeessfully, we have to change our mentality first of all; then change our tools and methods; in addition our goals must be very clear.


- The system attacks the individual in order to divide families and society and to control them. It divides and conquers! Thus, it controls the economy, which is the society’s jugular vein. On the contrary, we must come together under communal and collective values  in order to destroy the system and release its stranglehold on the neck of society – to create a fair economy, of free, fair and healthy work. Various Cooperatives uniting under the FairCoop ecosystem is the best way to achieve that aim.

- The system wants to monopolize all things. The monopolists are in control of the system. They aim for authority and money! Society is a commodity for them. In their conception to exchange everything for money is permissible. Thus, they destroy the honor of the person and ethics, which are society’s yeast, and the energy of collectivism. In order to destroy this mentality we have to know that authority and money are not an intrinsic blessing of society; they are simply tools, not aims. Authority and money must serve society and people. On the contrary, in today's world authority is unjust and against humane values and ethics. Society cannot survive without beneficial values and ethics. So money must be earned as the result of our labor and fair cooperation.

-  The system’s economy is competitive and oriented around profit. The banks and institutions of the state are encouraging this. So it only serves an elite in society - the extreme upper class and monopolists. To be fair and just, we have to take the economy from their hands and give it back to the public. Self-managed projects, autonomous economies, regional collectives and international cooperatives are the alternatives. In "Really Existing Socialism", the states tried to achieve it, but they failed because it was not a grassroots alternative, merely an alternative of a socialist state against an imperialist state. The mentality was the same: serving the state, not society!

- This Real or Soviet Socialism aimed to remove private property from the ground up and replace it with collective property. But again this just served the state not society. Because, in order to remove the concept of private property, we need to create the individual who understands this, and accepts the concept of removing it. This is a type of general social formation. Thus, in the Soviet Bloc the cooperatives fell into the hands of the state, and in the West, into the hands of rich people. But now we have an alternative: the digital currency FairCoin and a decentralized organization, which can help people and anti-state movements to push out authority and become free and autonomous.

- One of the most important points is the difference in the meaning of "economy" between our understanding and the State perspective. If we search for the history of “economy” we will see that economy is a reality that always has had its relation to society and community. The economy is not a State creation or institution. It has been merely colonised by the State and the system. And some of the first to care for economic issues were women and mothers!  So contrary to the current system and capitalist modernity, which has enslaved the economy in the hands the of patriarchal mentality and the monopolists, we encourage women to repossess their economic system and become the most active members of our FairCoop movement. Women are half of society and a most effective potential for change.

The system sees women as another commodity and continually attacks them. So, to defeat the capitalist economic system, the participation and leadership of women will help us to move on to higher levels of freedom, and towards a just and fair economy.

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