Why don't you use FairCoin yet?

Author: Pílikum

People's reservations about using FairCoin are varied. From:"it's money, after all" to "I'm afraid of losing it" or "who's behind it?"

In this post, I will try to throw some light on these doubts and fears, offering an answer for each of the options, ranging from fairly out there to the most conservative.


1. It's all money, after all, who cares which one you use?

In fact not all "money" is created equal.  The concept of "money" does not correspond to any concrete reality per se. Its characteristics can make a currency better or worse. It's as if we were to treat all mushrooms as equal, when in reality some are very tasty and others will immediately kill you. Yes, they are all mushrooms, but the differences are important.

If we assume that the economy represents the way in which we organize ourselves to distribute existing resources so that we can meet our needs, we find that there are infinite ways of going about it. One of them is to try to do it in the fairest possible way for the maximum number of people, and indeed sentient beings, by favouring a sustainable and equitable management of natural resources.

Ideally, we should all contribute what we can to society and take as needed. An ideal world might be one made up of communities that functioned through direct barter. However, this is difficult in many places today, so indirect barter is usually used: exchanging products or services for euros or any other fiat money. Isn't it true that we all use fiat currency sometimes? If you don't, I congratulate you. If you still use it for things other than paying taxes, why not replace it with FairCoin? FairCoin, as a currency, is an exchange tool to promote a fairer economy and redistribute wealth. Better to use this than to use any fiat currency, designed and managed to favor the desires and ideals of 1% of the population, right?


2. It's fake money.

If anyone still thinks that cryptomoney is "toy money" as I was recently told, find out why there are so many state governments and central banks that are interested in the benefits blockchain technology can bring them and why many are already working on creating their own cryptocurrency. Also ask yourself why a cryptocurrency is more of a "fake" than say, the Euro? They are both primarily digital methods of accounting; sure, one is accepted in more places than the other, but that is changing. People scoffed at the Internet as only being of interest to nerds in its early days. This time the financial elite has missed the boat so they try to disparage cryptocurrencies as scams or "not real money" whenever they can.


3. What does FairCoin offer me that fiat doesn't?

a) It favors a fairer economy

We would never pay Coca-Cola or Nestlé or Monsanto with any kind of money, much less with FairCoin. This currency has been designed by, and is managed by the FairCoop community, which seeks to promote organic production, local consumption, and to reject any type of labor exploitation, so when you use your FairCoin you will be promoting the growth of this type of economy. 

b) It's the best way we have to redistribute wealth

In my opinion, FairCoin are not even the private property of those who hold them in their wallet. I see them as a tool that serves the community and to which I can acquire right of use through my efforts.

What if at any given time the value of my FairCoin increases? That's terrific. Now it's time to start sharing them. I can now afford to pay fair prices in a fair economy. And the person to whom I am transferring the FairCoin and who is being fairly remunerated will in turn be able to do the same. This is how we can redistribute wealth.

The increase in value is not an increase in my wealth, but in the wealth of the community. Paying "or" spending "becomes" sharing, distributing: the FairCoin should be used to try to distribute them to where they are needed in order to make sure that all the members of the community are able to meet their needs with them. The ease and speed of transfer plus the very low fees making sharing FairCoins almost frictionless, whether paying for something, contributing to a crowdfund, or sending a donation or tip.

c) It gives you independence from the banks and the State

You become your own bank and ensure that your work is not used to finance wars, political repression, or to enlarge the accounts of scammers in tax havens. 


4. It makes my life more complicated. It's hard to use

Actually, it's very easy to use. All you need is an Internet connection. Within a few years, most monetary transactions will be digital. The disappearance of cash, in other words, will not be long in coming and technology is something that no one living inside the system will be able to escape. This will mean that you are trapped within a system that can constantly track you unless you adopt a non-official currency.


5. It's a speculative currency

It's not speculative. It's decentralized, which is not the same. If you want something decentralized you know you won't be able to control it. If you want to control it, you centralize and you're in the same system as before.

The fact that it is decentralized means that anyone can do what they want with it, so no one can prevent FairCoin from being traded on the cryptocurrencies exchanges and people speculating on it. However, it is true that most of the existing FairCoin are currently in the hands of the FairCoop community that does not speculate with it. People will of course speculate on anything, including the food you eat. This does not in itself make, for example, rice a "speculative" food. 


6. Who's behind this? Who guarantees its value?

FairCoin is a fiduciary currency, as are most today. It is based solely on the belief that it will allow you to obtain the goods or services that you need and that it will serve as a storehouse of value. Who's controlling it? Nobody is in control, or you could just as well say, "everybody" is, as it's a non-hierarchical community project. 

Its value is not backed by any government or central bank, but by the FairCoop community, a community of producers and consumers who tell you that they are willing to accept it.

And I'm behind it, and my dentist is behind it, and producers and sellers of organic food are, and computer experts, and economists... an international movement of people who are trying to create a circular economy that is increasingly solid, so it makes the value of this currency greater and greater. Every time a new user joins, it adds value to FairCoin.

And to make sure this value doesn't go down for its users, FairCoin has two exchange rates: the free market rate and the internal market rate. The first is speculative (fixed by the external free market) and the second is based on community growth and community needs. Decisions on this are taken in the FairCoop Economic Strategies group, where free market trends are also closely monitored. If you are interested in learning more or would like to participate in these decisions, you can join it at any time. It's completely open.


7. I already participate in a local currency.

FairCoop encourages the development of all types of local currencies. The more decentralised a currency is, the better. We offer FairCoin as a tool to go further and connect different alternative currencies both with each other and with fiat in order to assist new economies in the transition towards a post-capitalist society, in case this assistance is needed.


8. What if I need euros to buy something that is not available within the community?

As long as you offer goods or services for FairCoin, we will exchange them for fiat cash whenever you need to and, at the same time, we will also try to find a way so that you won't need them, by trying to bring everything you need into our FairCoop markets. 


9. I'm afraid of losing it or being robbed

The system takes advantage of your fear of being left unprotected in order to invest the money you entrust to them into all the horrible things they finance. But you can be your own banker. You just need to save a password made up of twelve words and have a backup copy of your wallet. Banks have their own backup too, but they won't look after your interests better than you will. 

As in so many other things, the state makes us dependent on it, in the process making you useless and paralyzed by fear. What better way to begin to regain our independence than by taking the reins of our economy?


Hopefully after these explanations you won't have any more doubts and you can go and get your wallet and your first FairCoin by contacting your nearest local node or doing it yourself:

Download your wallet here

Get your first FairCoin here

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